plug top replacement course

Plug Top Replacement Course

The plug top replacement course teaches you how to replace 10A plug tops and sockets to 240V single phase leads and appliances.

Plugs and sockets can be replaced on leads and appliances by people without an electrical qualification or electrical license subject to them possessing the appropriate knowledge, skills and training.  (different regulations apply in Queensland)


To provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to correctly replace plug tops and sockets on 240V single phase extension leads test and appliances.


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to;

  • undertake a pre-repair check to identify the correct plug top / socket required
  • replace a 240V single phase 10A plug top
  • replace a 240V single 10A phase socket
  • confirm a post-repair polarity check

Who Is This Course Designed For?

OH&S personnel, trades people, maintenance staff and other persons required to perform or oversee repairs on electrical appliances.

Course Prerequisites

The course is open all adults (17+ years) and genders. Basic English literacy is required however we can assist those with challenges.
No formal electrical qualification or license is required;  we will teach you everything you need to know.
Students must have completed a test and tag course (proof of training may be requested).

Content Overview

This course covers;

  • OH&S considerations
  • how to trim and strip a lead
  • correct plug top / socket selection
  • how to correctly attach a plug top
  • how to correctly attach a socket
  • the wiring and polarity standards
  • perform a post-repair check

Check for course dates. Note: This course is often included as an add-on to test and tag courses – check courses for details.

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