Who Can Test And Tag Electrical Appliances?

To perform testing and tagging you must meet the requirements of a competent person as defined in the Standard AS/NZS 3760.  This includes;

  • Knowing how to use the test equipment correctly
  • Have an understanding of the dangers of electricity
  • Know the differences between Class I and Class II appliances and be able to correctly identify them
  • Understand the requirements of the Standards (actually reading the document is highly recommended)
  • Have an understanding of any regulations or legislation that may apply in the jurisdiction where you are performing the testing and tagging

The best way to become achieve these knowledge and skill sets is to attend a reputable test and tag course.

Currently there is no formal or recognised registration or licensing system for test and tag technicians in Australia. Some training organisations issue a “test and tag license” however this is either their own in-house system or just a certificate number – it is not a license that is recognised by regulators as having any validity.

Although the Standard does not require a competent person to be a registered or qualified electrical practitioner, some jurisdictions have specific requirements.

Click here for information about QLD requirements.

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