Test and Tag Colour Coding System for Construction and Demolition Sites Victoria

The requirements for test and tagging of electrical appliances used on construction and demolition sites, colloquially known as building sites, are defined in the Standard AS/NZS 3012.

A three monthly retest interval with a corresponding colour coding system applies to portable electrical appliances that are used on-site.

RED = Dec – Feb

GREEN = Mar – May

BLUE = Jun – Aug

YELLOW = Sep – Nov

An easy way to remember the change over dates is they correspond with the change of seasons.

There is some disparity surrounding when the retesting is actually required to be done.

Those attending unionised sites will usually find the requirements are:

  • the appliance must have been test and tagged within a week either side of the change-over date
  • the test and tagging must be performed in accordance with AS/NZS 3012 and 3760
  • it must be performed by a licensed electrician (despite there being no requirement for this in either the Standard or Industry Code)

WorkSafe have indicated their requirements are satisfied provided;

  • the appliance has been test and tagged within the last three months
  • the correct tag colour for the period it was last checked during is used
  • the test and tagging was performed in accordance with AS/NZS 3012 and 3760

Be aware some States / Territories have different requirements and Victorian tags may not be recognised even though they are current. When traveling across the border or to other jurisdictions, it would be wise to check prior to your departure.

Although the Standards are the guiding documents, reference should also be made to the Industry Standard for Electrical Installations on Construction Sites issued by WorkSafe Victoria.



The information provided in this article is general in nature and must only be used as an introductory guide. Before acting on the information contained in this article you should read and familiarise yourself with any relevant Standard(s), State and Federal Legislation, Codes of Practice and Industry Standards that may apply to your specific workplace and jurisdiction. A formal risk assessment should be undertaken before acting on the information provided in this article or any related material. Further information can also be obtained from your local Workcover / Worksafe Authority, Electrical Safety Regulator or suitably qualified persons.