Test And Tag License

Every month we get at least one enquiry from someone wanting to do a test and tag license check.

Typically they want to know what their license number is so they can record it in the “license number” field on a generic tag.  More recently we have had a growing number of enquiries wanting to know how to check if their license is still current or how long a license is valid for.

Our answer is always the same – “Sorry, we can’t help you because there is no such thing as a test and tag license.” That is often challenged or met with shocked surprise by the enquirer.

As I have covered in previous blog posts, there is no recognised system for registering or licensing test and tag technicians.

Here’s the link to those articles.

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To summarise those posts;

  1. Testing and tagging is a competency based skill set
  2. To test and tag (in most States / Territories) you only need to be a competent person
  3. Competency has no expiry – there is no requirement to do refresher courses or reassessment
    1. A competent person has an obligation to keep up to date with changes in the standard(s), legislations etc.
  4. You do not not need to hold any formal electrical license or registration
  5. The best way to achieve competency is to do a test and tag course by a reputable training provider.

We have had people email us copies of documents to “prove” they were issued a license number however in every case the number was their “certificate number” issued by the training provider. It was not a license number.

Unfortunately we still get reports of some training organisations selling their test and tag course on the basis the student will be issued a license and often that license comes with the back-end requirement it must be “renewed” at regular intervals by sitting a refresher course.  This is simply a marketing strategy that misleads too many people and may even result in them paying a premium for an “extra” that is worthless.

So what do you do if you are asked for your test and tag license?

First of all you need to tell them there is no such thing. Then you should provide them with evidence that you meet the criteria of a competent person by showing them your training certificate or how you were assessed as being competent.

If you have any questions about your “license” or training, email us your enquiry.

Regulations and requirements may vary in some jurisdictions.