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Test And Tag Course Geelong

Looking for a test and tag course Geelong that will give you real skills you can use in the real world?

The TATSA online test and tag course comes to you and makes it quick and easy to get test tag qualified.

Why spend hours of your time travelling to a venue and sitting in a classroom when our test and tag online course can come to you.

Access quality test and tagging training from the comfort and convenience of your home, your office, while having a coffee at your local cafe or just about anywhere you can get an internet connection. 

Our modern, secure, e-learning platform is fully compatible with portable and desktop devices. Just log-in any time of the day or night and you can immediately pick up from exactly where you last left off or go back over any content you have already completed.

Best of all, you go at your own pace in your own time and expert help from one of our professional tutors is just a click away.

The online course is based on the same 8 hour content (including assessments) presented in our short course, so there’s no compromise on what you get – you are guaranteed of quality content.

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