Over the last few weeks I have made a few “I’m Excited” announcements, including one to say I couldn’t make the announcement. 

Well now I am really excited because I can make that big announcement.

Feedback from past students was consistently in favour of making the theory and fundamentals components of the one day course available online so it could be done before attending the course.

So we took that on-board and over the last 4 months we have revamped the structure of the one day course to include E-Learning with classroom time.  We call it the COMBO course.

The morning sessions that covered the theory and fundamentals are now available online and can be done ahead of attending the day sessions at our training room.

This means when you attend the classroom sessions you can get straight into the actual doing bits of testing and tagging… and have more time to practice and develop your skills. 

It’s a great innovation and one we know will deliver much better outcomes to everyone who completes the course.

Watch this video for more info and details of the Special Launch Offer.



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