The Original Test Tag Course Lifetime Support Program

test tag course lifestime support program





You’ll never walk alone when you do a TATSA test and tag course.

At TATSA we understand the real-world challenges you will face away from the classroom environment.

This is why we developed our industry leading post course support program.

Originally we offered it as the standard “one month” program but we quickly realised the obvious – most people need someone they call on for help and guidance from time to time, someone they can trust  to give them the right information for much longer than just a month or two.

So we thought about what we could do and came up with the Life Time Support Program. At the time there was nothing like it being offered, so we can safely (and proudly) say it is the original. Yes that’s a little brag on our behalf.

How does it work?

It’s really easy.  If you have a question about what you learned during your course or need some guidance on how to correctly test and tag an appliance you are unfamiliar with or maybe a slick salesperson is pushing you to buy an expensive appliance tester and you aren’t sure if it’s right for you, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through things.

Best of all it’s absolutely free.

There’s no annual charges or obligation to buy anything from us or hidden extras you need to fork out.

As soon as you complete your course, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

There is a lot more to it than just that and we’ll explain it all to you during your course.