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In-Service Inspection and Safety Inspection of Electrical Appliances And Cord Sets to AS/NZS 3760

Date:  Friday 24 February 2017

Short Description:  One Day Level 2 Test Tag Course

Venue: Melbourne Training Room (see below for details)

Registrations:   Open Tuesday 31 January 2017      Close Wednesday 22 February 2017  12:00pm

About This Test and Tag Course

This course delivers knowledge and practical skills so you can correctly test and tag electrical a range of electrical appliances to AS/NZS 3760  

It is delivered as a ONE DAY SHORT COURSE …click here for more info.

Early Bird Special $270
Save $30-00 by registering and paying in full by close of business 17 February 2017

*All prices are ex-GST unless otherwise stated

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Venue Phone: (03) 95611439

Suite 6, Ground Floor, 2 Brandon Park Drive, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150, Australia


Melbourne Training Room

NOTE: This facility is no longer in use

The training room is located on the ground floor of the building. Access is from Collegium Avenue (no access from inside the building)

We are the first office from the corner of Collegium Avenue and Brandon Park Drive; right next to Cafe Numero Due and that makes it convenient for your coffee requirements.

Parking: Most of the area has 1 or 4 hour restrictions – this includes the lower level of the the shopping centre. We suggest you park on the top deck of the shopping centre as it has plenty of all day parking available free of charge and is only a short walk to the training room.