About Electrical Appliance Recall Notices

Every year electrical appliance recall notices are issued. Many of these pose a serious electric shock risk, fire hazard or other danger to the user or property and should be withdrawn from service immediately.

If you have any of them in your workplace, home or in fact use them anywhere you should follow the recommended action detailed in the recall notice – typically to immediately stop using the appliance and return it to place of purchase.

Recalls can be voluntarily issued by the suppler of the product, however the Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs (the Australian Government’s consumer affairs spokesperson) has the authority to order a compulsory recall of a product if it will or may cause injury to a person.

Recalls  are issued in various media and the web site of Product Safety Recalls Australia.

Contrary to common thinking, recalls are not the exclusive domain of “cheap imports”; the list now includes the names of many well known and trusted brands; those usually associated with mid to high quality products.

We have collated some historical data on recalls for electrical appliances and these can be found by following these links to our blog.


Stay Alert.  Stay Safe.

Updated 17 April 2020

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