All Classroom Based Courses Suspended

It is with some regret all future combo courses and one day test and tag courses are suspended until further notice due to the ongoing implications of the CoVid-19 disease.

The venue we use for these events has temporarily closed. Even though our class sizes are small it means we don’t have a venue for the time being.

In addition to this, the Federal Government today announced further tightening of restrictions on indoor gatherings and it is highly likely these may be further tightened in the near future.

As disappointing as it is to have to suspend our classroom training courses it is something that must be done as part of helping limit the spread of the disease.

What if I have registered and paid for a course?

You have the choice of a full refund or we can give you a credit (and a priority booking) for future courses once they resume.  You will receive an email outlining your options and what you need to do.

How long will courses be suspended for?

Given the current climate, no one knows how long it will be until the pandemic declaration is lifted in Australia and things return to normal.

How can I get qualified?

Our online course is a viable alternative well worth considering. The content is the same as the classroom based courses so you be learning the exact same skill sets.  click here to see the comparison guide.

Where can I get more information about CoVid-19?

Details and updates can be found on these web sites.

Here is a link to the World Health Organization

Here is the link to the Australian Health department .