30 01, 2018

Electric Appliance Recall Notices 2018

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 We have identified a total of 16 electric appliance recalls during 2018 that may be relevant to workplace situations. Here is a summarised list of electrical appliance recalls issue this year. If you own or use any of these you should stop using them and follow the recommended actions.  Source: [...]

25 10, 2017

Earth Continuity Test Demonstration

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EARTH CONTINUITY TEST To check the integrity of the protective earth of Class I appliances, the earth continuity test is performed.The protective earth is an important safety feature of all Class I appliances.  It provides a second level of protection against electric shock.What I demonstrate in this [...]

28 09, 2017

Spot The Defect 4

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CAN YOU SPOT THE DEFECT? #4 Tags play an important role in the test and tag programs. As well as displaying the outcome of inspection and testing, PASS / FAIL,  they also provide details about who checked the appliance, when the appliance was last checked and when [...]

19 09, 2017

Early Bird Special Give-Away

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Special Offer for Early Bird Registrations Register early for your test and tag course and you'll receive a FREE  IEC C6 to C13 Adaptor valued at $35-00 (+ GST)These adaptors are super handy for testing all sorts of appliances with a "clover leaf" supply lead, such as [...]

19 09, 2017

Recalled Appliances Update 19 September 2017

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Recalled Appliances Update 19 September 2017 We have identified a further 5 electrical appliances that have recall alerts issued. These are the sorts of appliances we would often find, or expect to find, in service in workplaces we visit.The additions includeTwo brands of Powerboard (one issued February [...]

20 07, 2017

Failed Appliance Frustration

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Failed Appliance Frustration When running test and tag courses I cover the requirements of what to do when an appliance fails the inspection or electrical testing process as part of the overall test and tag process.In the situation where an appliance is given a fail it must have a tag [...]