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John is recognised as an expert in the test and tag industry due to his extensive and broad experience that began in 2004 when he was responsible for equipment maintenance at his local SES unit. More Info:
7 03, 2019

Work health and safety laws to be updated after five years

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Safe Work Australia former director Marie Boland has produced 34 recommendations that could enhance workers’ safety after launching a review of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws 2018.

22 10, 2018

Company fined $300,000 after apprentice electrocuted

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A Melbourne electrical company has been convicted and fined $300,000 after an unsupervised, third-year apprentice electrician died from electrocution while laying cables at a Camberwell property.

12 04, 2018

Test Tag Blog Updates

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Test and Tag Blog Updates Just a quick post to give you the "heads up" on some posts I put up our main test and [...]

28 09, 2017

Spot The Defect 4

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Tags play an important role in the test and tag programs. As well as displaying the outcome of inspection and testing, PASS / FAIL, they also provide details about who checked the appliance, when the appliance was last checked and when it is due to be rechecked.

20 07, 2017

Failed Appliance Frustration


When running test and tag courses I cover the requirements of what to do when an appliance fails the inspection or electrical testing process as part of the overall test and tag process.

13 10, 2016

Spot The Defect 3

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CAN YOU SPOT THE DEFECT? #3 I recently put this one up on the ACME site and thought it would be a good one [...]

1 09, 2016

I’m Excited


Yes, I'm excited.About what?Can't post the video on here, so you'll have to visit our FB page to see it.  This is going to change [...]