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About Test And Tag Standards Australia  – TATSA


TATSA is a division of ACME Test and Tagging Pty Ltd; a specialist test and tagging contracting business that has been providing test and tag services to workplaces since 2007. ABN 83 860 848 515

What We Do At TATSA

Our course function is to make it easy for anyone to achieve and maintain their test and tag competency.

How We Do It

Rather deliver generic “off-the-shelf” style courses, we research, write and deliver our own courses. We can do this because our head tutor, John Blackburn, has more than ten years of test and tagging experience and is an expert in all aspects of test and tagging. He has crawled under desks, shivered on building sites, sweltered in workshops and tested and tagged all sorts of appliances. And has been running a full-time contracting business for 9 years. This gives him a rare insight into the real life problems and issues you will face once you start doing your own testing and tagging.

Why We Do It

That’s easy…  we love it.  We love teaching people new skills and coming up with ways to make the complex easy to understand. Check out what some of the 350+ students who have been through our courses have to say.