TATSA makes it easy for you to achieve and maintain your test and tag competency with our range of test and tag courses.

Testing and tagging of electrical appliances is a necessary part of every workplace safety program to ensure the safety of people using electrical appliances.

TATSA test and tag courses deliver you the knowledge and skills you need to satisfy your OH&S obligations and make your workplace a safer workplace.

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Test and tag blog

test and tag blog

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New Combo Course

22nd, September 2016|0 Comments

TEST AND TAG COMBO COURSE RELEASED  Over the last few weeks I have made a few "I'm Excited" announcements, including one to say I couldn't make the announcement. Well now I am really excited because I [...]

I’m Excited Part 2

13th, September 2016|0 Comments

Yes, I'm still excited... but....By now I had hoped to be in a position to make that big announcement but things haven't gone quite to plan.Click to see the video  

I’m Excited

1st, September 2016|0 Comments

Yes, I'm excited.About what?Can't post the video on here, so you'll have to visit our FB page to see it.https://www.facebook.com/tatsa3130/videos/1831870583700544/Hint:  This is going to change the way we do things here.

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